My name is Laurie and I believe everyone deserves a beautiful and timeless event filled with details that will set it apart from the rest.   

My interest in vintage began when I was young and my mom would to take me around to all the shops looking for missing pieces for her favorite chandelier.  I had a collection of crystal glassware y'all... that's normal for a 5 year old right??  As an adult that love of vintage has persevered and manifested itself in a desire to rescue, reuse and reduce the need for new stuff.  Why do we need new when items from the past were so.well.made??  

This business runs on coffee, preschool, and spousal love.  We have two young boys who are precious, funny, smart, and complete hellions.  They got that from their daddy.  Pray for me.  I'm the only pink in a house full of blues.


We help our clients with all types of events— from small dinner parties to a large wedding receptions.  Please visit our Instagram and Facebook pages to check out our current selection.  Visit the website often for photos of our newest finds, tips, interests and events! Don’t worry if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we add new items frequently and love to go on the hunt for that special look that you are after!